Our most advanced AI-powered language processing solution yet, transforming your meetings into effortlessly captured insights.

Real-time transcription

Accurately capture every word, with advanced speech recognition adopted for Dhivehi language, and low latency.

Speaker Diarization

Automatic identification of speakers in your transcriptions and meetings helps track individual contributions.

Deep Neural Networks

Advanced speech recognition trained for Dhivehi ensures high accuracy and adaptability across various speech patterns and dialects.

Smart Summarization

Effortlessly extract key points and save valuable time with our concise and clear summaries.

Intuitive Editing

Make edits directly within SynOne's generated transcripts with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.


With SynOne MagicEdit™, you can easily edit and refine highlighted sections of text needing further verification.


by design


Active Directory Authentication

Leverage your existing Active Directory infrastructure for user authentication within SynOne. Streamline login processes and grant access based on established permissions.


On-premise Deployment

Keep your sensitive files and data secure and under your control. Locally deployed, no external servers.

Highest levels of data integrity and security for stored files, including audio recordings and transcription documents.


Comprehensive Audit Trails

Complete transparency with detailed audit logs tracking all user activity within SynOne. Easily monitor data access and ensure accountability.


Containerized Architecture

Featuring Object Locking, Immutability, and Data Lifecycle Management. Fully containerized.

Isolating each instance and minimizing the attack surface, offering increased security, improved resource utilization, and greater scalability.

Streamline meetings, capture insights effortlessly.

  • Enhance efficiency and productivity in your work processes.
  • Gain deeper insights from audio data through intelligent analysis.